A Special Education

PALS Autism Society is a dedicated elementary and secondary school in British Columbia for children and adolescents with autism, designated by the Ministry of Education as a special education school, accompanied by a licensed before and after-school care program.

What Sets PALS Apart?

PALS Autism School provides schooling and programming year-round with a 1:1, 2:3, or 1:3 instructor to student ratio depending on the needs of the student.

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Who we are

Success Stories

We were told Finn would never learn to read. In his other school, I said I would like him to learn how to read and they said ‘that won’t happen, that’s an unrealistic expectation.’ And when I brought him to PALS they said ‘yes, we’ll teach him to read.’ And he’s learning to read.

- Tara Hodgson, Parent

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