We were told Finn would never learn to read. In his other school, I said I would like him to learn how to read and they said ‘that won’t happen, that’s an unrealistic expectation.’ And when I brought him to PALS they said ‘yes, we’ll teach him to read.’ And he’s learning to read.

- Tara Hodgson, Parent

“Jordan has really improved by leaps and bounds. From the minute he gets up, he knows his routine, he knows what to expect when he comes here. Jordan went from being at school for one hour a day to being in school six hours a day and that blew us away.”

- Catherine Lee, Parent

“PALS has made everything easier. He’s happy to go to school in the morning… he’s asking for school tomorrow.”

- Dan Geddes, parent

Karl has a new confidence that he’s never had before. He now tells me how we’re going to cook things. He gives me instruction on how to grocery shop and never has any problem if I’ve short-changed him on his allowance!”

- Stephanie Frey, Parent