GALA 2021

You registered, you tuned-in, you listened, you laughed, you cried, you cared, you bid, you donated, you participated, you contributed, you believed in our vision and our cause.

YOU should be proud! You helped raise over $360,000 for PALS and PASS. Words cannot express our heartfelt gratitude for this generosity.

On behalf of all families in our programs, Thank YOU!

Please stay safe,

Katy Harandi
President and Chair of the Board

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Thank you Auction Donors!

Thank you to all the businesses and friends of PALS who donated items and
packages to our online auction. Please visit our list of donors to see where 
you can shop and support these generous local businesses.

Thank you Sponsors!

Thank you Cash Donors!

Ace Architectural Millwork
Haideh and Firooz Adab 
Amir and Kirsten Alagheband    
Ahsan Alam and Fatema Chowdhury
Bill Alexander and Linda DeLuca
Mike and Jayce Allen     
Shelley Anderson     
Stephen and Charlotte Anthony              
David and Cynthia Arai  
Kaz and Marion Arai       
Naomi Arai       
Cheryl  Araki     
Bahar Cheryl Askari Kamran       
Ladan Assemi   
Benjamin Batt  
Jessica  Bechard              
Nicholas and Stania Bedford              
Angela Bi and David Chen
Peter Birks         
Peter and Leslie                Blake   
Daen and Sandra Campbell         
Tanya Carrier    
Robert and Anne Carson             
Peter Chan and Candy Lim
Richard and Gwen Chan               
Kevin and Irene Cheung              
Allan Chim          
Jim and Sandra  Christenson       
David and Teri Christopher         
Norman and Christine Chung     
Philip and Cynthia Cook
Jodi Cristall and Paul Diamond
Heather Delane               
Paul and Cynthia Devine              
Hank Einarson and Margaret Snow
Mohammed and Maryam Esfahani         
Arai Family
John and Sherry Floren 
Sue and Tony Formosa 
Stephanie Frey
Linda Gibbs        
Rita Gobin          
Mohammad and Layla Golkarieh              
Maryam Golnaraghi       
Paula Gordon   
Nadali Gouldooz              
Andrew Grams 
Gordon and Sharon Grams         
Richard Grams and Monica Francella
David and Jennifer Gunasekera
Alireza Harandi 
Hamid and Katy Harandi
David and Tara Hodgson              
Nancy Hogan    
John and Virginia Hou   
Stella Hsuing and Eagle Chou
Mike Hurley and Jennifer Heal
Roman Iakimkin and Olga Iakimkina
David Jang and Susie Wong
Mary Jang          
Dan Jekubik and Angela Grams
Norman and Benita Jekubik       
Mu Jia  
Timothy and Tammy Kalla           
James and Kelly Kerr      
Cindy Laresser and Glenn Madsen
Valerie  Laresser              
Glenn and Elaine Laufer               
Mira Laufer        
Derek and Dianne Leach              
Rainold Lee and Catherine Kriekenbeek-Lee
Amanda Lempriere        
Kenneth and Aida Leung             
Philip Louis and Julie Fu
Kim and Allan Low          
Henry Mah and Abigail Monte Mah
Maryam Malekyazdi      
Stewart and Cindy Maltman       
Tarek Mawlawi and Zeina Masri
John and Yuko McCulloch            
Kana McCulloch               
Donna McLachlan           
Patricia Midence Rezai 
Roxanne Milavsky          
Pamela Mitchell               
Simon   Myara  
Michael Nauss and Leslie Jones
Lynn O’Leary     
Judy Palotai       
Fariba and Fardin Panahandeh  
Greg and Michelle Polok              
Lindsey Porter  
Mark and Monika Porter             
Azar and Pirooz Pourdad              
Koorosh Raffii   
Foad and Lida Rafii          
Morgan  Rassouli              
Firoozeh Reyhani            
Natalia  Rezai    
Devi Sangara and Matt Queree
Amirreza and Sudy Sherkat        
Christine and Robert Shields      
Art Smolensky  
Bruce and Annabel St. John        
Brian and Tamara Standerwick  
Robert and Marilyn Standerwick              
Marina  Stathis 
Abo and Susan  Taheri  
Marie Zelie and Vincent Tan        
Sandy Tanaka   
Kristi Tayelor     
Constance Tayler            
Carolyn Taylor  
Jun and Karin Terado     
Alisha Thomas  
Murray and Shirley Thomson     
Dave and Denise Ure    
Catherine Urquhart       
Praveen and Anuja Varshney    
Peter Volpe and Allison Annesley
Zichao   Wang   
Michael Watt and Monique Badun
Harry and Karen Wiedmayer      
Lars Wilke and Christine Berka
David and Stephanie Williams    
Leslie Wilson     
Calvin Wong      
Eugene Wong and Allison Arai
Helen Wong and Graham Coutts
Jean Wong        
Jimmy and Alice Wong  
Bowei Yang        
Parvin Yeganegi               
Garry Zlotnik     


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