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My daughter Ariel is a kind, bright, courageous young woman with a passion for music and food. She also has autism. Before coming to PALS adult program, Ariel was bounced from program to program, attending a total of six different schools. Her behaviour escalated as she was shunned from each program. She was often separated from peers and isolated as a way to deal with her anxiety and autistic behaviours. Ariel’s formative years within the school system were a very sad and challenging time for both her and our family.

In September of 2012, Ariel left school and joined PALS Adult Program. She has blossomed since, and is succeeding in this specialized program due to a group of instructors who are compassionate, supportive and understanding of the unique needs of these young adults. Ariel’s sense of humour has returned, she is more confident in her abilities…she has become part of a group of peers…is learning how to communicate more effectively and is learning many new skills for life-long learning. I cannot express how grateful our family is for this unique program.

Aldyne Myara, Parent

The Pals Adult Program has been a great program for Bethany. It has helped Beth grow socially as well as become much more independent in the community. Beth loves going to Pals. Despite her aversion to getting wet, Beth will get herself up early, go out in the pouring rain and catch two buses and the sky train to make it to Pals by 9:00am! She particularly loves going to the library as well as taking part in work experiences. Beth enjoys being with her peers and teachers alike. The staff members at Pals have been very caring, encouraging and consistent, which helps Beth to know what is expected of her. This environment at Pals has been helping Bethany grow as an independent and responsible young adult.

Gwen Chan, Parent

I was seeking a productive learning environment for my daughter after she graduated high school, and I found it in PALS.  They are very supportive and responsive to the needs of their clients. Their program is well structured and taught by a staff of instructors that truly care and want to make a difference in the lives of the young adults they support. PALS recognized my daughter’s strengths and through their training, she now competently works in a supportive office environment part-time.  She loves her job, and the many activities and classes at PALS.  The young adults attending there have fun but also work hard.  I am extremely grateful for this unique program.

Irene Cheung, Parent

Our twenty five year old son, Douglas, has been attending PALS Adult Program for over 2 years. Our family and friends are amazed by the changes they see in our son. He is happy, less obsessive and anxious, more focused and incredibly more social. All of the staff at the program are extremely supportive and accepting of Douglas. They have worked hard to increase his independence and to teach him some prevocational skills. We have new hope that our dream of Douglas living a meaningful and fulfilling life could become a reality.

Kelly Kerr, Parent

Since Gabrielle joined the PALS program in late 2013 we have seen such growth in Gabrielle that can’t be compared to her previous years in public school programs.
We are extremely grateful and impressed with both the PALS program and the staff. They are able to focus on her unique needs and at the same time challenge Gabrielle in a way that she really finds to be fun.”

Patricia Lagana and Craig Cornish

Our son Charlie is a twenty-four year old young man with autism. In September of 2014, we moved from a community based program to the PALS Adult program. Although Charlie had done well initially in the community he had reached a plateau, and we felt that he might benefit from a more structured program with focused skills development. We have found just that at the PALS Adult program, and so much more. The staff are knowledgeable about the strengths and challenges of individuals with autism, and supportive no matter what comes their way. Charlie has peers who are welcoming, and now has “friends” that he can spend time with, out of program hours. The transition from a less structured “community” program to a structured learning environment has not been without its challenges, but with PALS we feel we are part of a “team” with Charlie as the central focus!

J. McCulloch

SS 1


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