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PALS school program is accepting applications to the waitlist. Interested families are encouraged to submit an intake form (click here) and to schedule a tour if you haven’t already visited the program. For more information, please call 604-251-7257 or email

PALS Autism Society is a specialized elementary and secondary school in British Columbia for children and adolescents with autism, accompanied by a before and after school care program, as well as a CLBC-approved program for adults (with autism) to further develop life skills.

The school uses the proven Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) method to provide core education, life skills and socials skills as a foundation for independence.

PALS Autism School was founded in 2007 by five mothers of children with autism and complex developmental disabilities. These mothers believed that adequate programming did not exist to meet the special needs of their children, and for many other children across the province.

PALS is dedicated to effective and efficient teaching paired with innovative and proven behaviour management tools in a caring setting.


At the 2011 External Evaluation performed by the Ministry of Education inspectors, the committee commended PALS Autism School for the:

• quality of educational leadership provided by the Head of School to ensure student success;
• communication and collaboration that occurs between and among staff, administration and parents;
• knowledge and integrity with which the educational approach, based on the principles of ABA, is carried out by all;
• calmness and positive attitude that the staff have with students at all times, regardless of the difficult behavioural situations that may arise;
• extensive use of technology to support student learning;
• full participation in the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention™ training and ongoing skill maintenance to ensure the care, welfare, safety and security of students and staff.

Congratulations to the PALS team!

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