Advisory Team

Katie Allen, M.Sc. BCBA, is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with a Masters of Science degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Ms. Allen designs and implements individualized home based ABA programs for children with autism and other developmental disabilities, with a focus on children with severe behavioural challenges.

Dr. Kristen McFee obtained her Ph.D. in Clinical-Developmental Psychology from York University, Toronto. She has worked with individuals with ASD and their families for over 10 years providing evidence-based treatment, assessment and diagnosis. Dr. McFee is a member of the Neuropsychiatry Clinic at BC Children’s Hospital and works in private practice at ABLE Developmental Clinic. She has a growing interest in the assessment and treatment of mental health issues impacting individuals with ASD.

Shannon Muir is a Registered Speech Language Pathologist working in private practice. She graduated from the University of Alberta, with a Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology in 1994 and has worked with children and adults with autism since 1997. Shannon works with children and adults to develop their communication skills, including speech, language, understanding, and social interaction. Shannon serves on the Advisory Council for Autism Community Training, and has worked as Speech Language Pathologist for PALS Autism School since it opened in 2007 and PALS Adult Program since it opened in 2010.

Kathryn Theroux, MS, BCBA, RCC, is a behavioral consultant and counselor. Ms. Theroux provides ABA and CBT to individuals with ASD and their families. She develops ABA home and school programs for all age students with various learning and behavioural challenges. Her counseling experience extends beyond ASD to other issues for children and young adults, such as anxiety, social problems, parent-child communication and LGBT.

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