Tuition and Funding
PALS Autism School is a private, independent school classified as a Group 1 school by the B.C. Ministry of Education Independent School Branch.

PALS Autism School is based on the belief that education should be accessible to all, and serves many families with single incomes, single parents and parents upgrading their education. We undertake a number of fundraising activities throughout the year including our annual gala, grants, bursaries, donations and sponsorships to provide top-quality education to our students at an accessible rate that families can afford.

Tuition for PALS Autism School is $800 a month for students requiring support at the 2:3 teacher to student ratio, and $1600 a month for 1:1 support.  PALS school hours are from 9am – 2pm. An additional fee of $500 is applied to the after school hour of 2pm – 3pm for the Intensive Behaviour Intervention program, parents who qualify for the Autism funding from the Ministry of Child and Family Development can apply that funding to cover this fee.

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