Success Stories

Success StoriesPALS Autism School is proud to have been part of incredible milestones in a number of children’s lives.  Here are some of the success stories our parents have shared about their children’s success:

“We were told Finn would never learn to read.  In his other school, I said I would like him to learn how to read and they said ‘that won’t happen, that’s an unrealistic expectation.’  And when I brought him to PALS they said ‘yes, we’ll teach him to read.’  And he’s learning to read.”

– Tara Hodgson, parent


“Jordan has really improved by leaps and bounds. From the minute he gets up, he knows his routine, he knows what to expect when he comes here.  Jordan went from being at school for one hour a day to being in school six hours a day and that blew us away.”

– Catherine Lee, parent


“PALS has made everything easier.  He’s happy to go to school in the morning… he’s asking for school tomorrow.”

– Dan Geddes, parent


“Karl has a new confidence that he’s never had before. He now tells me how we’re going to cook things.  He gives me instruction on how to grocery shop and never has any problem if I’ve short-changed him on his allowance!”

– Stephanie Frey, parent

Nick had great difficulty integrating into the school system and we were regularly called in to pick him up early from school.  Many days,  the school was unable to find appropriate space or activities for Nick, with little to no educational opportunities.  Since Nick has been able to attend PALS, he has the opportunity to learn in a classroom with his peers.  He has an educational plan that is designed and implemented by people who are experts in the field.  We see continuous improvements in behaviour and academic skills.  From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!”

Bryan and Monique Nelson, parents

Our twenty three year old son, Douglas, has been attending the PALS Adult Program for about one year. Our family and friends are amazed by the changes they see in our son. He is happy, less obsessive and anxious, more focused and incredibly more social. All of the staff at the school are extremely supportive and accepting of Douglas. They have worked hard to increase his independence and to teach him some prevocational skills. We have new hope that our dream of Douglas living a meaningful and fulfilling life could become a reality.

James and Kelly Kerr, parents

PALS has filled a much needed void for our son Ryan that was lacking in the existing system for special needs adults after high school. Some of the key benefits that we have seen from PALS are: (1) interaction with peers; (2) generalization of targeted skills; (3) focus on life skills and pursuit of paid employment; and (4) an individual-centered focus. Ryan has had the opportunity to interact with peers on a daily basis, something that brings him great joy. Along with the excellent teaching staff, his peers have helped Ryan to generalize skills that we have been working on in other settings and we are now seeing them appear unprompted in all settings. We had been searching for a program that would help us bridge the gap between high school and adult life. This program has targeted goals of teaching life skills to prepare him for adult life and the pursuit of pre-employment skills with an ultimate goal of paid employment. Last, but not least, PALS is a very individual-centered program, so it has focused on Ryan’s  needs, so that he can work on improving his deficit skills, eliminating his undesirable behaviours and showcasing his strengths. As a parent, it is really all that we could have hoped for.

Judy Anderson, parent

Parents of children with autism are not so different than the parents of “typical” kids. We basically want the same things for our children; to succeed, to be capable, to be happy, to be contributing members of society and form meaningful relationships. PALS Autism School Adult program helps us to assist our children in realizing our dreams for them as well as their dreams for themselves. Parents, staff and students work together to set goals and take the steps towards achieving them. In the short time that our son, Connor, has attended PALS Adult Program we have seen progress in the areas of socialization, mobility in the community, work experience and functional skills. We are completely confident that he will continue to make great gains toward independence and in achieving the maximum level of potential possible. PALS is an outstanding school for adults with autism. There is no other program that even comes close. When Special Needs Teens graduate from high school there are limited choices for their next step in life.  PALS offers a much needed bridge of further education and life skills while preparing them to participate in society.

Mark and DeeDee Doyle, parents

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